Wood Properties and Products Manufacturing

Wood 474 provides an introduction to the basic properties of wood and the manufacturing processes for major forest products. The course includes a review of basic wood and water relationships, specific gravity and density, strength and mechanics, and the use of allowable stresses in using wood in structures. The industry processes studied includes conversion of logs in a sawmill including the drying of sawn wood, biodeterioration and protection of wood in service, production of structural and non-structural panels, engineered wood products, pulp and paper and secondary manufacturing of milled wood products.

The course includes one industry tour. The tour destination consists of a local sawmill plant, to review sawing and drying practices. The plant tour is a required part of the course.

Lead Instructor: Dr. Paul McFarlane
Term 1 (Sept 3, 2013 –┬áNov 29, 2013)
Monday 11.00 – 13.00
Forest Sciences Centre (FSC) 2964